While I lay there motionless, a billion beautiful butterflies took off from my field, their two billion pairs of gentle wings cracked a windstorm into my painstakingly manicured landscape, and with them they steadily carried away the shattering pieces of my perfectly planned life.

the thing you do.

no matter what it is that you do

– that which becomes what you do regularly-

make sure it is something you value doing,

because it will become your nature to do this such thing.

Make it a thing of beauty and grace.


Just a pretty little fairy.

I’m just a pretty little


tip toeing

on a branch

don’t stare deep into my eyes

I might put you in a trance

when the leaves begin their falling

I ride them to the ground

I dig myself into the soil

to take a break from human toil

and in the depths I take my slumber

until the earth comes back around

and when the sun is high

I stretch my limbs to say

good morning

I face my cheek into the wind

and my tears, they start falling

on the ground where they drop

is where the flowers are forming.

A mountain in my toes.


In the marsh

the tide

takes it’s time

slowly rolling in

and slowly rolling out.


a million tiny differences

can be just barely perceived

until one day

a mountain is

a seashore

stuck between my toes.