The COLD OF ANXIETY: what to do when you or your partner get anxiously close in connection

by abillionbeautifulbutterflies

Things got toasty the other night- and when I left to walk the cold street alone- I felt an extra chill in the air in the spot you took up just moments before.

That is when I caught it. THE COLD OF ANXIETY. It just came right over me like the brisk winter wind and it chiiiiilled me. I almost vomited right there.

The next morning I was all stuffed up and snotty and weak. I called you up. You were fine. I was babbling incoherently, but you just listened to my questions: Do you miss me? Are you going to go out with someone else this week? What is your intention in dating? Are you looking for a relationship?

And you answered best you could. I told you I was just sick. I could tell it was in me. My head was so stuffed up- your voice had to push through the fog between us- you felt so far away though you were as close as you were yesterday. I asked if you could just give me a little extra tender love and care; I was sure this COLD OF ANXIETY would pass in not too long of time. You brought me soup and a warm blanket, you tucked me in and stayed til I fell asleep.

Please don’t catch my COLD OF ANXIETY. It isn’t yours. Its a sick deep in me, I just need some cozy time with myself to heal. It will pass and we will be back to normal. But if you catch this cold- we may keep passing it back and forth. Just be patient, and kind, and loving- and let me heal this.

I feel better today. Thanks for sticking around and not being a germ a phobe.

When it is your turn…when you’ve come down with your own muck; I’ll bring over a movie, and some vitamins and tea. We’ll make it through alright. You and me.