At the bathhouse

by abillionbeautifulbutterflies


At the bathhouse

She glanced at him under the current of the shower to her left, lathering dark skin in a singularly determined fashion. This shower routine was commonplace and he was in a hurry to enjoy his relaxation. His body was becoming familiar to her but in this context, she felt shy and had a difficult time looking. She refocused her energy on her own skin.

(Clean yourself so that you can get into the hot tub), she thought. Baring her nakedness amongst others was an uncomfortable, singular event. Reaching for the un-scented soap she closed her eyes, and unbidden, her mind recalled images of her old coworker at the front desk helping her awkwardly work through the facility documentation. 

She recalled answering questions: no, she had never been here before. No, she had never been to a clothing-optional spa before. 

In her mind she answered the unasked questions:


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