Don’t drop toothpaste on my back

by abillionbeautifulbutterflies

He says:

“What a waste to not take care of your teeth. It’s so simple…dental care. It saves a lot of money.” 

I turn my head to look at him, my mouth full of frothy white paste, I take out the toothbrush and inform him that his generation is way better at dental care than mine. He smerks. I’m envious of his flossing habits and happy he’s a good influence on my mouth. I always wanted to take better care of it. I brush my teeth four times longer when he sleeps over, because he’s a lefty and I like the way he positions himself behind and just to the left of me, and rests his right hand on my right hip as we brush. “Don’t get toothpaste on my back,” I grimace with a bratty look on my face, the first time he tried this maneuver. “aoh wohwch”, he replies. I stare at us in the mirror, his skin is the tastiest, smoothest bronze I’ve ever seen and I want to lick him up like the last bit of coffee flavored icecream. I just stand there, dutifully brushing, taking in his near virginal touch until I can’t possibly brush anymore- I have yet to last as long as him and when he crosses in front of me to spit into the sink, I think for a second about letting the white foam drip out of my mouth and onto that pretty brown skin on the back of his perfectly sculpted shoulder, but I refrain.