The great pact

by abillionbeautifulbutterflies

And when we kissed it was more than our breath that drew a hallelujah. It was the cosmos pulsing, rejoicing, relieved at our reunion. And though the breath we drew only lasted a blip- a cosmic hickup- it was an eternity in the making and an eternity in it’s aftermath. Contracted for The Great Turning*, we are bigger than ourselves- a pact of loving kindness for the world- even if not for one another. I miss you over the stretch of cosmic dust we left behind ourselves; I have been shattered with disenchantment, and wholed with purpose… largely made clear by our desperate hallelujah. How could I not be thankful? I am convinced- our hallelujah rang loudly through the universe and for a moment- there was- if not peace on earth- then at the very least, a clearer hope- a moment of concentrated and tenacious hope. A hope that births or pushes movements. We are that powerful. Our cosmic oath was that important. A precise movement in the universe. Even as it lays in the dust today- it was an explosion that has forever set the course for a grand refinement. May we understand this and may it humble us as blessed servants.

*The Great Turning: