A Timeless Traveled

by abillionbeautifulbutterflies

As a 33 year old, returning to the building I grew up in and left 21 years ago; looking out the window of the apartment I grew up in, at a view I have seen since the first time I could manage to look over, on tip toe, the ledge of the window, of a city with seemingly permanent brick, makes my life feel imagined. Like I’m still a child- looking out a window, thinking about what could be, what might happen, drumming up possibilities- except that these images were real, they happened, and now I’m here- not imagining, but reminiscing, from the same spot, with the same view- of a child with a long life ahead of them, and now as an adult- with yet still more life ahead of me. I feel like a time traveler. I feel wonderful. I step up, onto tip toe, to peer over an invisible sill- wondering what view might lay beyond it’s edge.