via Cancun

by abillionbeautifulbutterflies

I arrived en Cancun the afternoon of Friday, Ocober 24th. I left the doors of the aeropuerta and walked passed the margarita hut, sharply avoiding being wisked away by a Taxi, to look for the bus ADO- not “A-Doe” but AH-DAY-OH, silly Americana, and you passed it back there, chuckle chuckle, smile- I think I´m endearing? The stand by the AH-DAY-OH only accepts pesos, but the woman there speaks English. Back inside the Aeropuerta- the ticket booth operator does not speak English and so I can not request the non luxury bus and must accept whatever ticket she has booked me. Alas- my bank has put a hold on my card and she must cancel my ticket, I´m not panicking yet! I´m relieved when entering my pin in the ATM accesses me pesos….how many 1,000s? My whit has been thwarted, my google money conversion does not work without wifi. I hope I´m not clearing out my bank accout or walking around with too many pesos in my pocket (FYI, 1,000 pesos is $73, big spender.) Back to the boleta counter outside. Now I can buy my primera ticket and ride with the locals to Merida. Four hours. Advice for future travelors, Pay the extra $60 pesos ($4.40 US) to recline in luxury. Cheap Americana.