Riding the camion in Merida

by abillionbeautifulbutterflies

Primera, en Merida the bus es no autobus, el nombre es Camion. Camion means truck, except in Merida where it refers to the public city bus which can also be a van. The bus stop signs are few and far in between. The locals seem to just know where to stand, that or they hail buses like we hail taxis. I´m still unclear on this. What seems to be standard are the bus routes- so one must stand on the street that the bus will pass through. Why I´m told to stand in a certain location to catch the camion to Paseo de Montejo and not another spot remains unknown. I was told by un hombre (at least what I thought I understood) is that there was a sign in one particular spot but it was smashed and now people just know to stand there. This may or may not be what was being conveyed to me. Second, Mexicans or at least the ones in Merida- have perfected the art of dismounting a moving bus. The little Mayan women hop off the moving bus and onto the street like ducklets into a pond. I am embarassed when the camion must come to a complete stop for me to exit. Once everyone is on or off, the door may or may not close, depends on the mood of the bus driver. Camion fare is $7 pesos, about 50 US cents. I have not taken a taxi yet.