While I lay there motionless, a billion beautiful butterflies took off from my field, their two billion pairs of gentle wings cracked a windstorm into my painstakingly manicured landscape, and with them they steadily carried away the shattering pieces of my perfectly planned life.

Silence is relative

Silence is relative

There is the silence in the forest spread amongst chattering crickets and groaning bull frogs

or the silence in Brooklyn at 3AM that waifs between the humming electricity and air conditioner murmurings.

Is that silence amplified by the thick humid air?

or perhaps it’s just the residing echo of 2.5 million people exhaling dreams of making it in NYC.

Soon they’ll be waking up to move their cars. Honking and cursing;

Double parking is legal on alternate side parking day.


In passing

Nik Silva

photo by Roxie Richardson

Train says to station

Today I saw the future

Just like that he passed

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200 feet below sea level.


January 13, 2015. I’ve left Seattle for Brooklyn and found myself further away from the end than when I started. It’s 70 degrees and I’m caught between two lives 200 feet below sea level in a place called Death Valley. I haven’t worn a bra in days and there’s no one to stop me from eating too much candy.